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Affordable Commercial Engineering With Your Business In Mind

Tiderunner Engineering and Design, P.C., of Bay Shore, New York, performs quality commercial engineering services that put your business interests first. From parking lot design to forensic engineering, we handle work for your company or municipal project with unmatched experience.

Commercial Services

When constructing or updating your commercial property, you need the right design to achieve your business goals within a budget. We will help produce the proper plans to acquire the permits needed for your commercial project. Whether you need a new storefront or a parking lot, our engineers beautifully design just what you envision. Our commercial services include:

• Site Plan Preparation
• Drainage and Grading Plans
• Parking Lot Design and Layout
• Curb, Sidewalk, and Pavement Design
• Retaining Wall Design
• Sanitary System Design

Newly Designed Parking Lot

Structural Engineering

• Structural Evaluation of Building Components (Framing, Roofing & Foundation)

• Design of Beams, Headers and Girders
• Design of Foundations
     - Conventional
     - Pile Supported
          - Wood Driven Piles
          - Steel Driven Helical Piles

• Foundation Repair Design

• Retaining Wall Design
• Residential Bulkhead/Dock Design
• Solar Panel Installation Analysis
• Forensic Engineering (Inspection and Analysis of Structural Failures)
• Expert Testimony
• Inspection of Residential Structures

Forensic Engineering

In addition to our commercial and municipal engineering, we offer forensic engineering for commercial and residential property owners. Our forensic engineers can be helpful for those involved in legal proceedings. We are well-versed in serving as expert witnesses, as well as conducting inspections and analyses of buildings and plans. We offer forensic engineering services for:

• Construction Practices and Inspection
• Grading and Drainage
• Residential Structures
• Foundation Inspection
• Expert Testimony

Other Engineering Services

We are able to provide additional engineering services such as reviewing plans provided by other engineers for residential, commercial, or municipal clients. We can inspect structures to ensure they are up to design plans and building codes. Other services we provide through associated firms include:

• Permit Expediting • Environmental Evaluations • Land Surveying • Landscape Architecture

Recommended Service Providers And Tradesmen

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• Precision Paving & Stone Masonry

Helical Pile Installation

• GP Construction
• Maio Construction
• Progressive Construction

HERS Raters

• Energy Master Long Island

Permit Expeditors

• Apple Expediting
• Shore Solutions (DEC/Bulkhead)

Environmental Inspection/Evaluations

• American Environmental Solutions

Soil Testing/Borings

• Slacke Test Boring
• McDonald GeoScience