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Comprehensive Residential Civil and Construction Services

For professional residential engineering services in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, turn to Tiderunner Engineering and Design, P.C., of Bay Shore, New York. Whether you need a pre-purchase home inspection or engineering design for a custom home or addition, our experienced engineers get the job done affordably and in a timely manner. In addition to commercial  services, we offer coastal engineering services and structural engineering services.

Residential Services

We take pride in assisting home builders with quality residential engineering services. From removing an existing wall to building a new home, we offer the design and planning services to properly permit and construct residential structures. Our team provides you with two decades of experienced, licensed building knowledge. Our residential services include:

• Permit/Construction Plan Preparation
• Pre-Project Design and Planning
• Sanitary System Design
• New Home Planning and Design
• Design of Additions to Existing Residences
• Design of Interior Alterations
• Design of Residential Sanitary Systems

- Conventional
- Innovative/Alternative Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (I/A OWTS)

• Structural Elevation Of Framing, Roofs, & Foundations
• Swimming Pool Design
• Pre-Purchase Home Inspection
• Structural Evaluation of Building Components (Framing, Roofing & Foundation)
• Retaining Wall Design
• Drainage and Grading Design
• Review of Prepared Plans
• Design of Accessory Structures (Garages, Sheds & Decks)

Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

If you are considering purchasing a home, our experts perform complete pre-purchase home inspections to take the worry out of the buying process. This is especially helpful when purchasing an older home and can make securing a bank loan easier with proof that an inspection has been performed. We conduct a complete structural evaluation of all major building components, ensuring the residence is in good condition—from framing and foundation to the roof integrity to determine necessary repairs or improvements.

Coastal Engineering

We offer coastal engineering services with proper flood resistance design that are vital to homes situated in a 100-year flood plain. We work to ensure safe residences with the structural design to withstand and resist future storms.

• Design of Residential Structures within FEMA Flood Zones
• Design of Foundations for Flood Zone Compliance
• Design of Pile Supported Foundations
     - Wood Driven Piles
     - Steel Driven Helical Piles

House Construction and Stone Work for a Wall and Pool

Retaining Wall Design and Repair

Whether it's time to build a new retaining wall during a property expansion or repair a damaged wall, we have the knowledgeable professionals to get the job done right. Our designs provide safety measures while protecting the value of your property. The retaining wall designs we develop will allow you to smoothly navigate the permitting process.

Construction Services

• Provide Assistance to Contractors

• Review of Construction Plans

• On-Site Inspections